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Get Extra Protection to your belongings with StorSmart Insurance!

When you need to store your belongings away from home, it can come with a bit of extra stress. You might not be able to check on your unit as often as you’d like, and you might spend more time than you want worrying about whether or not your belongings are safe. Although Columbia Storage Group’s facilities are equipped with a variety of features like security cameras and other technology to maintain the best security we can, it’s always nice to have the peace of mind of having extra protection for your belongings in the event that an unforeseen event cause damage or loss to your things. That’s why we offer StorSmart Insurance!

StorSmart Insurance is very affordable, and covers your belongings from damages that are beyond your control. StorSmart will insure the contents of your unit up to $7,500, and it covers damage or loss due to fire, windstorm or hail, collapse of building, snow or sleet, smoke or water damage, vandalism, and theft. We urge you to take advantage of this great option - contact us today to learn more about insuring your unit!

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